• Monday, May 24, 2021



The Future is Here!






JetBackup 5
Coming Soon !




Use JetBackup with
ANY Control Panel

cPanel and DirectAdmin currently supported.  Native support for Plesk and stand-alone Linux coming in 2021.  Developer API available to integrate ANY control panel.



Incremental Backup Engine (Coming Soon)

All destinations will be incremental by default.  All S3-compatible destinations supported like DigitalOcean, Wasabi & Backblaze.  Hetzner Storage Boxes now compatible with the SSH destination.


Backup & Restore Multiple Accounts Conconcurrently

Backup and Restore up to 10 accounts concurrently.  JetBackup now runs as a service to instantly trigger tasks.  Greatly increased speed!



Restore Options

Merge restore with live data so you don't lose new emails.  Restore unique portions of an account (databases, email, etc.)  Prioritize which accounts are first to be restored.


Develop & Integrate Plugins

Install destination, security, notification and addon plugins.  Develop your own plugins and link them to your own repository for updates. 

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JetBackup 4 vs JetBackup 5 Feature Comparison

  JetBackup 4 JetBackup 5
Control Panels Supported cPanel cPanel, DirectAdmin & Standalone Linux. Plesk native support coming in 2021. Developer API to integrate ANY control panel with JetBackup.
Operating Systems Supported CentOS and CloudLinux CentOS and CloudLinux. Debian and Ubuntu support coming soon.
Destinations Supported Local, SSH, RsyncNet, SFTP, FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Backblaze Local, SSH, Hetzner Storage Boxes (via SSH). ALL S3-compatible destinations (Amazon S3, Backblaze, Wasabi, DigitalOcean, etc.). Others in high demand will be supported in the coming months.
Task Processing Cron Service
Backup Structure Backups stored in cPanel account structure Backups stored in our own account structure. This will allow for account migration and account restores to other control panels in the future.
Concurrent Account Backups, Restores & Downloads No, 1 account at a time Yes, up to 10 accounts simultaneously
Add Unlimited Account & Directory Backup Jobs Yes Yes
Unlimited Encrypted Backup Jobs (GDPR) No, limited to 1 encrypted backup job Yes
Assign Unlimited Destinations to each Backup Job No, only 1 destination assigned per backup job Yes
Run Backup job in CloudLinux LVE Yes Not planned
Limit Job Run by Time Yes Not planned
Limit Job Run by Accounts Yes Not planned
Pause Job on Load Yes Planned (Pause on load and Pause on Demand)
Data Sync Retries on Job Yes Yes (Implemented in backend core, no GUI setting)
Job Monitor Yes Planned (with new implementation)
Backup Job Wizard Yes Not Planned
Snapshots Yes Yes. Now called "backup on-demand" in version 5.0.25 and later.
User Accounts can Create and Manage Remote Destinations No Yes
User Accounts can Create and Manage Backup Jobs No Yes
Add Multiple Schedules Per Backup Job with Unique Retention Limits Yes Yes
Account Filters Yes Yes
Clone Jobs Yes Planned (Migration tool will be developed in the future)
Single File Restore Yes Yes
Merge with Live Data Restore Option No Yes
Queue Summary Provides status on entire job Provides status on individual accounts inside each job AND entire job
Log Summary Provides entire log file Provides log summary per account AND entire log file
Hooks Yes Yes
Plugins No Destination, Security, Notification, and addon plugins. Develop your own plugins and link them to your custom repository.
Notifications Email Email, Slack, Google Hangouts, Syslog